Green spaces are the lungs of an urban landscape, places where city dwellers can escape the bustle and pollution of the streets. Pacplan® Biofilm™ is an equally invigorating concept that brings a breath of fresh air to void fill packaging.

We’re all striving to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging but at the same time need to make it commercially viable. Biofilm does all that, and more.

First of all, it’s made from 100% natural ingredients – waste by-products of the potato processing industry. Next, it’s home-compostable. Once you add it to your compost bin, it will quickly disintegrate into particles smaller than two millimetres square, and eventually all that will be left is water, carbon dioxide and a handful of harmless minerals. And that warm, fuzzy feeling that you’ve made our world a bit less polluted.

Air pillow is one of the most space-efficient sorts of void fill you can get. Before use, it stores away neatly as a roll of film. You only make the air pillows as you need them, but as a single Pacplan AirWave machine can keep four packers supplied at once, it won’t keep you waiting. And when their useful life is over its pillows are easily punctured (that’s fun too) and squash down into very a small space.

As void fill it retains its volume brilliantly. It’s dust and particle free, doesn’t go mushy when wet, doesn’t scatter everywhere as soon as a box is opened or cling defiantly onto statically-charged surfaces.

Big order fulfilment centres already use air pillow void fill – some exclusively so – and the innovative, eco-friendly Biofilm is rapidly gaining traction in the sector. But air pillows aren’t just for the big boys; the compact, bench-mounted machine and on-demand pillow production make them the perfect choice for packing operations of any scale.

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