Robopac Masterplat Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Masterplats are the latest range of Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machines from Robopac.

Designed using the best features from their Ecoplat range with the performance of the Rotoplat Range.

There are 2 models in the Masterplat range of Pallet Wrappers both available in Transpallet version.

The FRD standard stretch film carriage and the PGS power pre-stretch film carriage.

The standard models wrap pallets up to 2200 mm high, although 2400 mm, 2800 mm and 3100 mm wrap heights are available.


Monitor and improve your machines performance with R-Connect, a technologically advanced monitoring system that combines innovation and connectivity, permitting the complete control of machine operations and total end customer support.

The system minimises machine downtime and permits better maintenance management, also including an immediate troubleshooting procedure and full remote machine management software updates.


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Robopac Masterplat Pallet Wrapping Machine

Robopac Masterplat Pallet Wrapping Machine